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Welcome September!

Hello September! How I've missed you!! I decided to take the summer off with my kids. I have realized I am pretty useless when the kids are home! I can't manage all my extra curriculars while keeping three tiny humans alive and entertained at the same time.

I get easily stressed trying to make a grand and special cake when the kids are around asking questions non stop. And since they are only home for a short time, I put everything else aside and focused on them.

We had a bit of a family emergency at the end of June that also took up a lot of mental space. It really did cause us to slow down and reevaluate priorities. I know that sounds cliche, but man is it the truth. I wanted to make sure we took the time to take care of our selves and our kids. It's such a journey, this thing called healing. But we are trying.

I love to bake. So together with my kids, we shared our love of baking together. We engaged in activites that would teach them important skills, but also gives them a connection to us that they will carry when they are older.

I shared this idea with my friend Julie at Bambinos Photography and she agreed to do a photo shoot of me and the kids doing something we all love to do together.

I've noticed a trend on social media. That whenever you see a perfect smiling picture we assume its staged. Its normally followed up with " seconds before or after this picture was taking everyone was crying or having a fit etc" Or "If only you could see the mess behind this shot".

Why does 'real' have to equate to messy. Why can't real be not messy?

Sure, reality at my house is at times messy but it's also not. There are moments where we all get along, my house is clean and we are having fun without fighting. Those moments should be celebrated!

Truth, these pictures were taken at a friends home studio. However these smiles, the jokes, the fun was all real. No yelling, no fighting, no putting on a smile for the camera. It was all real. She was able to capture us doing something that we all love to do together. There was no staging, she just quietly captured us having fun. I love these moments with my kids. There are days that are tough, but I want them to remember that we have these great fun moments together. Pictures help keep these moments alive. And since I can't be in front and behind the camera at the same time she was there to help me cherish these moments.

I think it's important for us as moms to have these moments. Have someone take your picture. Arrange an opportunity for someone to capture you doing what you love with your kids. That way on those days that are difficult or you are doubting yourself, you can look back on these real moments and remember the smiles and laughs. And never feel guilty for these happy 'staged' photos. Messy photos of life and happy perfect photos of life are both real. However if all you have is 'messy' photos that's okay too. Remember on those hard days the sun will set and tomorrow is a new day. I promise, the messiness is temporary.

Have a wonderful week!