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Drowning in Affogato's

Move over Starbucks, there is a new barista in town.

Not quite, but I love how easy it is to whip up one of these delicious and fancy beverages.

We are originally from the Windsor area. And from time to time we head back that way to visit family and friends. Whenever we would go down we would try to meet up with different friends at one of my favorite coffee spots called Brewing Bros. (Sad side note: they have since closed down! :() Their coffee was some of the tastiest I've had. And let me tell you, I've had a lot. Turned into a bit of a coffee junky once my kids came on the scene.

I tend to always order the same thing at most places, just because I find what I like and am afraid to try anything else. I mean what if I did try something else, spend my $6 on said drink and hate it. Makes me so sad to think about it.

But they had such a variety or flavors that I was constantly trying new things and never getting disappointed. Anyway, enough about the awesomeness of a place that no longer exists. However it was there that I was introduced to an Affogato. It was dessert in a mug. It is one of the simplest yet stunning coffee drinks you can create at home and wow your guests.

Affogato is Italian for drowned. Traditionally you 'drown' your ice cream with espresso.

You will need only a couple ingredients that you probably already have.


Ice cream

Whipped topping and

A chocolate bar of your choice.

That's it! Now let's make magic.

Now you are suppose to use an espresso or dark roast coffee. The sweetness of the ice cream will tone back the bitterness of the coffee giving it a nice balance. I however like sweet. I just used a medium hazelnut roast from Tim Hortons. Brewed it in my Keurig, poured it over chocolate and vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and added my favorite chocolate bar to it and viola. Easy right? At Brewin Bros, they had different flavours like Kit Kat, Aero, Twix etc. I think they added caramel sauce, or crushed chocolate bars and sprinkled it on top etc for each specific chocolate bar. You can go as fancy, or creative as possible. It would be fun to have an Affogato coffee bar set up. Let guests choose their own toppings etc. Much like a hot chocolate bar. I do love the strong coffee flavour in these as opposed to straight hot chocolate. It's not as sweet or rich.

Try it yourself!


#coffeerecipe #affogato