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Joe the Cactus Cake

Happy Cinco de Mayo

I'm not gonna lie, I had no intentions of doing a post for Cinco de Mayo. Not that it's not important, it's just that I am never organized enough to do holiday themed posts on time ! lol

This one was a complete surprise and it fit perfectly.

I should preface this story with that fact that I have some of the best, most supportive friends around. They are always providing me with opportunities to grow and practice. This time in particular, I had a friend who wanted cake. No real reason just wanted a cake, so I was able to design and make whatever I wanted. Took so time to decide, I didn't want to waste such an opportunity. I have already made a flamingo cake and so I decided she needed a friend. Joe the Cactus was born. As I was staging him for his photo shoot, I was pulling out different decorations I have and It looked very festive, like a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Now I give you this post! A way that you can create a fun and easy cake for your own celebrations.

When I've seen other cactus cakes, I have noticed that they either had a flat top or a pointed top made from rice cereal treats. I didn’t like either option. I them remembered I have a large cupcake pan in the closet that would work perfect. The bottom part gives perfect guidelines for the ridges and then the top has a natural point. I put less batter in the top because I didn’t want it to extend out like a cupcake would. I wanted it to sit on top of the bottom and the edges be flush.

I covered it in buttercream icing and then covered it in green rolled fondant. Now this is pretty much where the pictures stop. I get a bit engrossed in my work that I forget to stop and document each step.

As I was smoothing out the fondant I was carefully pressing fondant into the natural ridges of the cake. It’s a bit trickier because of the shape but just go slowly and try your best.

I then used my air brush to further accent the ridges. I realize not everyone has one, so you can take some food coloring, vodka and a paintbrush. Mix the two together and gently paint on your edible water color paint down each ridge.

Using a martini glass, I took a round piece of brown fondant and placed it into the glass with some pouring out the sides. I gave it a bit of a ruffle and allowed it to dry before putting it on top of the cake.

I then used a solid piece of green fondant, (you can also use rice treats cereal if you prefer) and molded it into a cactus arm, and painted stripes on it as well. Next I just used a bit more fondant to make a face and give him life. He's not perfect but he's a fun and simple cake for your next fiesta!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!