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Ginger Bread Dream

If you have been following along on this journey of mine, you may recall a little incident last year involving a gingerbread house. I had set out to create a magical pastel gingerbread house, decorated much like those fancy sugar cookies using the flooding method with royal icing. I have no pictures of the original finished product, due to extreme temperatures and faulty support systems.

I had envisioned a whimsical, pastel pink gingerbread house. One that you would find in a Fairy Tale or Christmas movie. Not one with random gum drops and candies. Each part had a specific and well thought out design.

I love the fancy glazed sugar cookies that are all the rage. I thought wouldn’t it be fun to test out my glazing skills and help give this gingerbread house a pretty makeover. So I made a big batch of pink and white royal icing. I even found fancy blue and silver sprinkles and sugar candies in the shape of Santa and his sleigh at the Bulk Barn. It took me all day and while it wasn't perfect it still was oh so pretty! A friend of mine is a photographer and at the time I didn’t have a decent camera to take a picture that would show all its brilliance. So I took it to her for some pictures and didn't bother snapping one of my own. With the drive over, the transfer from extremely cold temps and then to extremely warm temps it was enough to make everything very fragile. Once it was placed down things started to fall apart. She was explaining the scenario and all I could envision was an I love Lucy episode. I couldn't help but laugh. The more she tried to fix it the worse it got. I picked it up and took it home. I didn't want to give up, so I tried to re glaze it. The color wasn't the same shade and there were still some cracks in it but I was able to get a somewhat decent shot of it.

It was a good lesson though. Thinking about the holiday season. How sometimes its not as easy as it seems and has the potential to break us. Sometimes we try so hard to put things back together with our own strength and we just can't. Realizing there is a God who loves us and there are friends and family around to support us. Reminding us to pull those around us closer, to cherish these moments and realize that we are loved far greater then we can imagine. And that is what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.

But going back to the decorating I decided to try again, but with a much simpler design.

I went back to the Bulk Barn and had a plan. Last year I noticed they had simple gingerbread kits with just the necessities, you know like walls and a roof. It didn’t include candy or icing packs. I like that idea, that way I'm not paying extra for stuff I won't use. I picked up another package this year, plus a package of just add water Royal icing mix, and some really cute candy decorations. The amount of items they had to trick out your gingerbread house was exciting. Bonus they have a $3 off coupon going on right now until November 28th. Click here

I took it all home and set it out and waited until bed time so I could create in peace. My five year old walked over and said 'Awesome! I'm so good at building gingerbread houses! Don't worry I'll help you!' I thought to myself, Do I tell him? Or go back for more?

Good thing the coupon is good for a while because it looks like I am headed back for more!

If you're looking for a fun, easy and inexpensive way to bake and decorate this holiday season, head on over to the Bulk Barn and take advantage of this great deal. So many ideas and products to make you and your kids look like professionals with minimal effort.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year. That you are able to enjoy it with those closest to you. And maybe even reach out to those who are having a hard time this Christmas. Why not work together as a family to make fun and special Christmas cookies!

Happy Decorating

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