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The Best Part of Waking Up...

Disclaimer : I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing company, and/or its affiliates , in any way.

Are you one of those “morning people”? You know, the ones on the commercials who wake up to the sights and sounds of morning birds and sunlight shining through their window and who give a big strrreeetch before their beloved children leap into their bed laughing and cuddling…

Well, that is not me. It never has been and it likely never will be. My mornings do not look quite as serene and enjoyable as that. Take last Monday for example…morning birds did not sing sweetly through my window. Rather, at 6:30am the horrifying sound of my two oldest children (4 and 6) invaded my slumber as they fought passionately in our driveway about who got to sit in the front seat of our van while pretending to drive.

Oh, how lovely. 🙄

I jumped quickly into mom-mode and darted to our front window to ‘kindly suggest’ (read: ‘angrily yell’) that they get back inside. When I threw open the curtains I was not greeted with the sight of glistening sunlight but, rather, with the sight of a full moon…that is to say my 6 year old daughter’s pantless bottom trotting around our front yard while continuing to fight with her younger brother.

*Sigh*…it is a coffee morning.

Tired, annoyed, slightly embarrassed, and already hot from the summer’s day, I made my way downstairs in search of my first cup of the day. This is when my morning got a lot better!

My husband and I recently got this amazing coffee brewer by Kitchenaid called the Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Let me tell you, it was designed for mom’s like me! After ushering in my pantless princess, I sleepily made my way to the fridge and opened to see this beautiful sight:

12 cups of beautifully brewed, perfectly chilled coffee waiting for me! We simply put the Cold Brew Coffee Maker into the fridge the day before with our own coffee grounds and water and after, VOILA! A perfect brew! No waiting for water to boil, machines to heat up, or a slow ‘drip, drip, drip’ to start my day. All I need to do is to mix a cup of milk (or cold water) and some chilled, strong coffee from my Kitchenaid and an effortless Iced Latte or chilled Americano is ready!

(Not a coffee drinker? You can also brew flawless iced-tea by replacing coffee grounds with loose leaf tea. The same simple process is used for both! )

And it’s not only useful for ‘those mornings’ where coffee is a must – we’ve used it in our home for fast and impressive cold-coffee beverages with last minute guests or hot summer evenings in our yard. The Kitchenaid Cold Brew is something I simply would not want to be without anymore!

So – grab a cup and cuddle your children or host friends with the Kitchenaid Cold Brew Coffee Maker! It’s made for people like you and me who appreciate the good things in life, (especially when those good things are a little turn of the lever away each morning!)


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