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I'm Luisa! Welcome to my blog about all things sweet! Here you will find yummy recipes and delicious inspiration!

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Our Journey so far...

It's funny the things you learn about yourself when you try something new. When I first started this blog 10 years ago I did it because I didn't want to annoy all my friends on Facebook with all my pictures of my cakes. And I felt there was more to each cake then just a picture. There was a story to tell. So I started my blog by telling the stories of each cake I created. It wasn't easy for me and I didn't think many people would read it but I did it anyway. Gave my creativity a voice.

Blogging back then wasn't what it is today. I mean I read stories of how women became famous because they stood out from a crowd and gained a faithful following. Now there are thousands of competing blogs that it's difficult to stand out. In order to be seen you must have an Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account. They must all be connected to make sure that people can see you regardless of what media platform they prefer. It's a lot of work and can get overwhelming.

I've discovered I am not a huge fan of writing. Sometimes I am so tired and would rather not sit at my computer and type out a story. I would rather tell it in person or on video. Which is why I have been quite here. I find its easier to tell a story or show the progress of a cake through video then a blog. However I do still like the easy access to a recipe on a blog. I just feel my personality comes through better on video.

When I first started I did one cake a month and had no children. I would blog once a month and could take my time with each story. There was no pressure. Now I have three kids and a very hectic schedule. Sometimes I make 4 or 5 cakes a month for family and friends. I don't have time to take a video or write about it. All I have is a picture. Thank goodness for Instagram. You can share your work on there and leave a quick blurb. The story in a nut shell. It's all done from my phone, doesn't require formatting and is easy to be seen.

I've since changed website hosts. My older blog posts aren't on here and it's hard to pull them up. Thank goodness for Pinterest. It holds all my work and their links in one place!

I say all this to keep you in the loop. I love the ability to share my work. To show my creations and ideas and to spark some creativity. It gives me a voice as a stay at home mom. A hobby that I can enjoy that is mine. But it is difficult at times to keep up. For someone who just stumbles across this blog it make look like I'm not very active, when in reality that couldn't be farther from the truth. I am very active. It's just spread over multiple platforms.

So If you enjoy what I do, the things that I share and the cakes I create, Thank You! I appreciate your support. I would love to have you continue to follow along with me on this baking journey. If you have any of the following accounts, why not subscribe or follow us so you can see even more of our content. I would love to connect with you more! I will also make an effort to bring more recipes your way!





Thanks for checking us out and can't wait to chat again!

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