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Happy Mother's Day

Not a post about cake but a few things on my mind :)

A few weeks ago I was sitting on the couch, flipping through a Women's World magazine and thinking about the next days Easter brunch. I had made the center pieces and was going to be decorating the tables and then I had a revelation....I have become my mom.

And you know what? I'm totally OK with that.

Growing up my mom and I didn't always see eye to eye...and when I say didn't always, I mean almost never.

I would always say "I would never do this, or say this to my kids."

I had my own ideas of parenting and how I would handle situations in the future.But it's easy to do that, isn't it. Think you know what your talking about, when in reality you have no sweet clue.

But now 6 years as a mother I find myself, on a regular basis saying 'I get it now!'

The reasons she cried, got frustrated, yelled etc. (cause we all do it)

It all makes sense now.

You see things from a completely different point of view. Now, not only do you have to meet your needs but the needs of multiple other children and a husband. Trying to be fair to everyone, making sure no one gets more or less then the other. Having to listen to the endless amounts of whining and fighting and tattletaleing for no reason. Worrying and stressing about their health, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Keeping them safe from all the crazy the world has to offer.

It's hard work. Really hard work. I now appreciate the ways she did it and made it work and still has all her fabulous hair!

So mom. Thanks. I get it now. I'm sorry for not being more understanding all those years ago.

While our styles are still a bit different doesn't mean she was wrong and I am right or vise versa. We each have our own ways of handling things. Not just mom and me but moms in general. We all have completely different circumstances, which require us to change our ways of doing things and changes our perspective. We know what's best for our kids, our families.

I couldn't breastfeed but you may be able to, so YAY for both of us! We were able to feed our babies!

I have sensory issues. Too many questions and noise are overwhelming, so I allow my kids TV and Ipad time regularly. You have a screen free home. Awesome! Both of us are doing what's best for us in those moments.

Regardless of your decisions know you are doing an amazing job. And If you're still struggling like I was, and these motivational posts don't help at all...it's 100% OK. It's also incredibly important to realize that sometimes we all need a bit of help. Find it. Heal. Our kids and families need us to be healthy but more importantly do it for you!

I can't imagine the pain some of you are going through today. Loss of a child, born or unborn. Loss of a mom, grandma, aunt or sister! I pray you are filled with love and peace today! We see you and you are not alone!

Thanks to all the wonderful mothers in my life! My sisters, my mother in law and all my wonderful friends and family! Thanks for your love, patience and advice as I navigate this crazy world of motherhood!

Happy Mother's day!


#Happymothersday #mothersday