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Moana Birthday Party

I see what's happening, yeah

You're face to face with greatness, and it's strange

You don't even know how to feel

It's adorable!

Well, it's nice to see that humans never change

Can you honestly say "You're welcome" without singing this song each time? I can't! It is so ingrained in our brains here. We are a Moana obsessed family. Starts with my oldest and works its way through my son and baby. I may or may not sob uncontrollably every time she comes out of the water, holding that heart and declaring "I am Moana!" and then completes the mission. I mean what an amazing role model for our children! Love it!!

When it came to planning my eldest's 6th birthday, there was no other theme that seemed appropriate.

I had considered doing a Beauty and the Beast tea party, because she loves tea parties. But when I gave the option of Moana, there was no question, that is what she wanted.

It started with the invitations. In college I had to take a few graphic design courses. I don't use those skills all that much but they are there. Even so I decided to see if I could find some custom made downloadable invitations on Etsy. I found a bunch but not the look I was going for. I ended up making my own and was very pleased with the outcome. If you like the style click here to purchase a custom made invite just like it in my Etsy shop.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I was looking for the easy route. Since Moana is still relatively new, and not one of the typical princesses, I had a hard time finding party supplies in store. Which has been an issue in past years with Frozen (when it first came out) and Tangled etc. My go to site in past years has been Open A Party. This is not an ad for them, just me sharing my fun secret. They are a Canadian company and their warehouse is only a few hours from me. I found their shipping time is very quick and their prices and shipping fees are very reasonable. I got everything I needed in one shot.

I literally ordered it all on a Monday and had everything show up in a couple of days. You could reasonably order the week before the party and have no issues, even though it would stress me out a bit. You just never know what may happen, so give yourself enough time!

I ordered table cloths, a grass table skirt, mini palm tree table toppers, umbrella straws, plates, forks and cups, balloons, all the party favors and a personalized sign! It was so easy and reasonably priced for 16 + guests.

Once everything was ordered I pretty much was done planning. I knew I wanted to keep the menu simple. My mother in law is a great baker and I knew she was planning on coming up. Every year she makes custom cookies for the party. I knew I wanted to have 2 different kinds to go with the cake. I made Heart of Te Fiti Cookies and asked her to make Kakamora cookies. The angry coconut pirates. She made them out of ginger snaps and they turned out amazing.

As for the rest of the menu, I bought bright blue Hawaiian punch to look like the ocean, had chips, cheesies, pineapple, grapes and then pizza. Super easy and kid approved.

I wish I took more pictures but here is what I did take! Don't forget to check out our video on how we created the heart of Te fiti sugar cookies!

Coming up I will talk all about the cake!!

You're Welcome ;)

#partyplanning #moanaparty #moanatheme #custominvitations #birthdayparties #heartoftefiticookies #kakamoracookies