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Sparkle and Shine, It's your birthday

What a week!! We've had the longest week of sickness. It wouldn't have been so bad had we not had a big birthday party waiting at the end of the week.

My oldest turned 6 on the 29th. We did a small family celebration the day of, but her big party was on the weekend. We all needed to get better and fast.

I've always thrown her a big birthday party each year because we've always lived away from family and didn't want her to miss out. We would normally invite those invested in her life. As she gets older more young friends get invited. This year was our biggest yet at 16 girls being invited.

She as the biggest heart. When we were talking about who to invite, I told her we couldn't invite everyone from school just 8. She looked me in the eye and said "No mom. Everyone is welcome and invited to my party!" lol she didn't want to leave anyone out. My heart grew.

I've mentioned in last years post about her 5th birthday (read here), my fears that she would have a hard time being included in things like birthday parties. I hate to always bring it up but she is on the Autism Spectrum. She's an incredibly smart girl but social skills sometimes have to be worked out. She has come a long way. I'm so proud of her growth. But I do always worry that she might miss out on things, which makes me then feel bad for not including everyone.

But when she has 16 girls in her class plus church friends I knew it wasn't possible to invite everyone. Plus, it would definitely overwhelm her and cause anxiety. Since it was her birthday I didn't want to make her want to leave her own party because she couldn't handle it.

We invited 9 girls from school and 6 from church. We ended up with 13. It was quite the turn out.

We held it at my church in their hall, since I had no room for that many kids in my place.

And can I be real for a minute…I also wasn't overly interested in entertaining. I didn't have much energy to come up with different games and activities for that many kids, so we set up a bouncy castle. That was the best thing!! They ran around, danced to Moana, ate their weight in cheesies and we're so happy. It's a fun age. They were so well behaved, they had fun with each other and were so creative in their games. I was also so impressed watching my daughter. She has become so self aware. Knows when it's too much, cause let me tell you at times I was overwhelmed, couldn't imagine how she felt. But when it was too much, she knew to go off on her own, take a small break and then get right back in the mix.

On many occasions she told me it was the best birthday ever! It's funny how we get so caught up on the little things, only to realize it doesn't take much to make them feel loved and special!

Coming up we will chat party theme! everything Moana and cake 😉

Photo shoot done by the talented Julie over at https://bambinosphotography.com/

Stay tuned!