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Mini Lemon Bunt Cakes with Lavender Sugar Glaze

I have been exploring the world of essential oils more and more these days. For multiple different reasons. To treat colds, tummy aches, fight off flu bugs, help my kids focus in school etc. But my favorite by far is experimenting with them in my baking! You may remember a post I did awhile back. It featured lemon cupcakes with a lavender buttercream. It was a heavenly combination.

I'm going to tell you a little secret…those lemon cupcakes were from a box!! 'gasp'!!

They were still super delicious. Poor boxed cake mixes get a bad name sometimes, but they are a great option when busy and on the go. They also come in awesome new flavours. Anyway, I used the boxed mix, so I could get an idea of the flavour pairing. Once I realized how delightful it was I decided to recreate it using lemon essential oils in my vanilla cake mix.

I have a go to vanilla cake mix that I use almost every time. I like it as a base as well, to try different flavours. I used this same cake recipe and added 6-7 drops of lemon essential oil. I wasn’t sure how much to put in. It is very concentrated, I didn't want to over do it and make it over pouring or the opposite. I found this was a good amount. It has a nice light lemon flavour. Just add some to your favorite go to vanilla cake recipe.

I was dying to try out my new pan that I purchased from a pampered chef party, which makes mini bunt cakes. I made a bunch of cute mini bunt cakes and used a lavender sugar glaze to drizzle on top.

For my sugar glaze I don't really follow a recipe. I just pour a bunch of sifted icing sugar in a bowl and slowly add warm water. I just mix it till it gets to the right consistency for pouring. I then put 1-2 drops of lavender essential oils. Again, very concentrated so you don't want to over do it! I even throw a bit of purple gel food coloring to tint it a bit! They turned out so delicious!

Would love for you to share in the comments how you bake with essential oils! I'm dying to try more!

Happy experimenting :)

#essentialoils #lavendersugarglaze #lemoncake