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Christmas Reindeer Cake

A friend sent this idea to me and I had to make it. With Christmas around the corner it's a great way to kick off the holiday baking season. Similar to our unicorn cakes but with a Christmas theme. Now this isn't a perfect cake by any stretch of the imagination. I started to make this video and then I realized I was almost completely out of red food coloring, and then a few of my piping tips weren't where they were suppose to be. So I kind of threw the mane together haphazardly. It isn't the prettiest but you can make it however you want and it's enough to give you an idea!

I just gives basic steps on how to achieve this look.. You can change the colours, or styles etc. I love these cakes cause there really is no right or wrong. Be creative and have fun with it.

I made it using 4 layers of cake. Want to know a little secret?? Shhh.....but it's made of boxed cake!! gasp. lol I honestly feel boxed cake gets a bad wrap. But for those busy moms on the go it's a great option. It's also perfect when kids are involved. They can put it together on their own and feel like they've contributed. Check out my blog post here that talks about making the most of your boxed cake mix.

Anyway, I was at Walmart and they had their brand of mix that was red velvet flavoured. Most red velvet boxed mixes are smaller then the plain flavours. They only make 12 instead of 24 cupcakes. This mix was for a full batch. I was curious to how it would taste so I used this as an excuse to try it out. It was so delicious, rich and had a bright red colour! Perfect for the Christmas theme. It was lovely!

Check out the video on our Youtube channel on how we created this cute Reindeer!

Thanks for Watching!

Happy creating :)

#reindeercake #christmas #christmascake #rudolphcake #redvelvetcake #boxedcakemix