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Tea Party for Two

The past few months have seemed so hectic. For awhile I could only describe how I was feeling by saying I was treading water and trying not to drown. With so much going on, I've had to take a step back and reevaluate things. I honestly feel God has been closing some doors in my life to help me focus on other areas. One of the biggest things that has required more attention is my family. As a stay at home mom I have struggled with my role. Feeling it wasn't important enough and that I needed to do more. So I started trying out new things, trying to wear too many hats at once. Then one, by one, the doors started closing. I was left thinking what now.

As I took some time for myself, chatting with those closest to me and even with a counselor, I started to gain back my footing. Realizing God has me in this place for a reason and a purpose. My children are young and I feel this is where I need to be. With them, focusing on them as they grow into wonderful men and women. Doesn't mean I can't do other stuff on the side, I just realized those extra things don't define me and my success. I may not have a paid profession but I am still successful and making a difference. Note this is where 'I' need to be right now, not what others should do. This isn't me putting down working mothers. I admire those who can balance it all. I would go insane I think lol.

Now that I've taken off a few hats, I've been focusing on my mother role. Looking at each child as an individual and figuring what can I do to nurture them in this season of life. Starting with my oldest. Annie is on the Autism spectrum. She has been doing amazing, but lately is having a harder time dealing with her emotions and exhaustion. She cries a lot easier these days. So I wanted to have more one on one time with her. She loves all things girly lately. So when I found out a local tea house was doing a Tiara Tea, I thought this would be the perfect little outing for us. Make her feel special and let us have uninterrupted mommy, daughter time. No need to compete with siblings or my phone. It was lovely.

Now remember, she's 5, with ASD, loves to talk loud, twirl and explore. lol To say it was a bit stressful is a complete understatement. But it was a great time to teach manners, and how to behave in a proper place. There was so many beautiful, breakable items. Plus different foods that probably didn't appeal to her very picky tongue. If you're curious about what she ate...she ate a sugar cookie and had a few sips of water...that's about it. She did enjoy stirring sugar in her tea though ;)

But none the less we had a great time. She was in awe of the fanciness, the royal tiara, and all the pretty touches around us. I was also marveling at all the fanciness around us. It was such a lovely place. If you live in the Center Wellington area, you must travel to Elora and visit the Secret Garden tea room, just make sure you call first because I think it is by reservation only!

It can be a bit pricey, but they serve a very traditional high tea. There are lesser expensive options on their menu. They also have a special Princess Tea for the younger ladies. The food is absolutely delicious. When they bring out the tray its easy to think, that's it? But it is so filling. Each sandwich and scone really fill you up. It's the little touches that truly make it an unforgettable experience. This particular event was in honor of the Queen and Philips 70th wedding Anniversary. They had sugar cookies that had their wedding photo printed on it!

All in all it was really a wonderful time. She was so delighted by our magical tea party for just the two of us. And I loved watching my princess as she grows up to become a wonderful little girl who will change the world for the better. Just you wait and see :)

Thanks for listening!

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