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A Candyland Birthday

I've discovered what I love almost as much as decorating cakes, is planning parties! I love when everything comes together and looks Pinterest worthy. Mainly cause most of the ideas came from Pinterest. 😉

Two weeks ago, it occurred to me that our little baby was two weeks away from turning the big 1 year old! How we got here already is beyond me. When it's your third baby I feel like their first year of life goes by the fastest! She is such a joy and is so deeply loved. All week the kids have been so excited and have been talking about her party. It was so heart warming to watch them all celebrate together….and all gather around and each the smash cake together lol

Rewind a bit to two weeks previous. I started to panic. Not because she was getting older but because I hadn't planned anything!! Her birthday falls on the long weekend here in Canada. But we were unable to make it down to visit our families this weekend. We plan to go in two weeks but I still wanted to do something the day of and include people that have become like family to us here. Thankfully there are so many that fit this bill. Unfortunately, we don't have the space to fit them all, so we kept it small.

However, that didn't stop me from having a little fun. I normally start planning at least a month in advance. I like to shop online and want to give myself enough time. Thankfully websites like Amazon, Party City and Open A Party are amazing and quick to ship. But first I needed to pick a theme. I started at looking at what I had. I still had the tissue paper banner from Annie's first birthday, which was in pink and gold. Then when I was scanning local Buy and Sell groups on Facebook. One lady has just posted that she had some 1st birthday decorations and was going to give them away for free. Lucky for me I was first to post. Included were a pink and gold 'One' banner, a gold glittery crown, cake topper and balloons.

Thankfully pink and gold are two of my favorite colours and they can go with literally anything. My new favourite cake styles are these buttercream cakes with a chocolate ganache drip and then the top is decorated with candy. So, I worked the theme around this cake. A candy theme. Willy Wonka, candyland, whatever works. A few trips to the dollar store and bulk food store and I had virtually all I needed. However, those websites were calling my name and I found a few things that we didn't need but still made it so much better 😉

Let's start with the giant lawn lollipops! While browsing on Pinterest I saw these large lollipops they made from pool noodles. I thought how hard can they be? The video looked easy enough. However, they were a bit tricky. I purchased almost everything I needed at the dollar store. Two pool noodles per lollipop, colored duct tape, cellophane, and then a hot glue gun. I glued the two together and then wrapped them with the tape to look like a candy cane. Then start rolling it slowly. You can watch the video tutorial here. I found it was harder to set then she showed. So, I had to hold onto it till it dried. But once it was done it was really cute. Then I covered it in cellophane and stuck a PVC pipe in the bottom. Boom! Here is the result.

I then was on Amazon and saw these awesome photography back drops. I didn't need one, but the price was right and thought we could try our hand at our own photoshoot.

Next I went to the dollar store and bought all their large lollipops. I wanted to make simple centerpieces by filling glass vases with large and small gum balls. Then sticking the lollipops out like a bouquet.

In previous years when I've done parties for the kids they've been specific character themes. Rapunzel, toy story, frozen, sesame street etc. I find some licenced themes are harder to find and more expensive. At times I've had to improvise because they don't make Rapunzel themed plates or whatever. Thankfully when you are making it up as you go along its easier to find stuff haha.

I found these cute white napkins with ice cream cones, popsicles and lollipops on them. That way I could just buy plain pink and blue plates.

Finally, I wanted to do a candy bar type table and was able to find some cute 1st birthday pink candy boxes! Once it was all put together it looked so fun. The best part was it was easy to do and very inexpensive. Next week I will talk about how we achieved the beautiful candy and buttercream cake!

I hope you enjoy our makeshift candy themed birthday party and are inspired to get creative!

I have provided links to some of the items we used for the party!

Happy Partying 😉

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