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Unicorn Cake

The Unicorn trend is taking off. Even big brands like Starbucks are embracing it. And why not? It's one of the prettiest inspirations for desserts and drinks alike.

I've been seeing these unicorn cakes all over Instagram and Pinterest and have been dying to try it. I suppose I could have just made a cake for no reason and eat it myself, but where's the fun in that?

A friend of mine asked if I was able to make a cake for her daughter's birthday. We were talking about different Ideas and she showed me her 'cake' board on Pinterest. There were many different styles that she was interested in that she saved. One of them was the Unicorn cake. She wasn't too set on a specific look. She was giving me the chance to try a new style that I was interested in. How sweet is that?

Obviously, I went with the Unicorn. I was, after all, looking for a good excuse and these seemed like the perfect one.

She did ask that it be buttercream. Thankfully this look can be achieved with either fondant or buttercream. You just need to start with a blank slate. Once your cake is covered you let your imagination take over. This is where the fun starts.

Note, I have made a video showing all the steps I used to achieve this look. As well as a list of links that show where you can purchase all the items I used when making this cake.

I started with placing on all the fondant pieces. I used fondant to make the ears, horn and eyes.

To make the ears I cut out 2 medium size teardrop shapes out of fondant and 2 small sized teardrops. I pinched the bottoms to curve them a bit to look like ears and then placed them into an egg carton to hold its shape while it dried and harden. I painted the smaller shapes with gold edible paint, made with vodka and Rolkem gold powder. I then placed them inside the large ones and let the set. Using water to 'glue' the two pieces together. I inserted a tooth pick in between the two layers so they could be easily inserted into the cake and stay standing.

For the horn, I used two thin, long rolled up pieces of fondant. I then started twisting them around a chop stick or wooden dowel. Using the gold edible paint again I painted the horn and set it to dry.

For the eyes I just cut out two thin shapes out of black fondant. All you need is a little bit of water and a paint brush, get the back of the pieces damp and they will stick to the cake no problem. Too much water and they will slide right off.

Once your fondant pieces are in place it's time to start piping the buttercream. Now I wanted multicolored rosettes and flowers. I found this 3 color coupler and wanted to give it a try. Once the purple ring comes off, those 3 pieces break apart and each piece goes into it's own pipping bag. They then snap together, you place your pipping tip on and then the purple ring to lock it all in place. ( I show all the steps in the video below) I went with the colors pink, purple and blue. Once the pipping bags were set I started pipping the flowers. I started at the top between the ears and worked my way back and down. I then went back and brought the mane forward a bit. You can put as many or as little rosettes as you want. I've seen some very full mane's, some not so full. Have fun with it.

When all the rosettes were in place, I changed the pipping tip to the 2D tip and filled in any openings or holes, Brought the mane even further out with just some stars. Next I added edible pearls and sprinkles. I also gave her a pearl necklace around the bottom of the cake.

Finally I wanted to give her some rosy cheeks! I dipped my paint brush in some pink luster dust and gently applied some blush!

Viola! Unicorn perfection!! :)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are now eager and confident to try it yourself! Watch our video and please subscribe to see more content.

I have listed links below for all the items I used for this cake!

Be creative, have fun and Enjoy :)

Happy Unicorn Hunting :)

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