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Easter Bark with Mini Eggs

This is as simple as it gets! I find holidays normally creep up on us. We have the best of intentions to bake and do a bunch of fun stuff with the kids but then we can simply run out of time. Or other things pop up and we become too busy. That's why I try and do very simple recipes with few ingredients.

Mainly because I understand the struggle all too well. Especially when your kids are in school. This week alone there has been a different theme everyday! Blue Jay day, blue spruce voting day, wear pink for anti bullying day, tomorrow they are painting eggs. etc.

So much going on. So it does make it difficult to make fun holiday treats or to do anything really but lets just stick with the treats.

I saw this idea for Unicorn bark and thought it could be easily turned into Easter bark. It really only requires 1 ingredient. Candy wafers. But I added some mini eggs and sprinkles because why not?

You can make this any color that you want. Once you have the colored wafers you want melt them in the microwave. Start with 30 seconds then 10 second intervals until it is fully melted. Starting with the white as a base spread the melted chocolate on your lined cookie sheet. Then drop colored spoon fulls on top of the white. Once all the colors have been placed, using a spatula gently swirl the colors together.

Finish by adding sprinkles and candy. Refrigerate until the chocolate is set. Break into pieces and there you have it!

Very simple and the end result is so pretty! The kids would love to get in and help create something so cool.

Check out the video on our YouTube channel on how we created it.

Happy Easter Friends :)

#easterbark #minieggs #simplerecipe #chocolate #undiscoveredbaker