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Monster Jam

I love sports. Football is my favorite and baseball is a close second. I don't however follow much in the way of sports outside of the common ones. For example things like NASCAR, and Monster Jam etc.

A couple weeks ago I posted on my Facebook a comment asking if anyone needed cake. A friend messaged me saying her son was turning seven and in lieu of a birthday party they were taking him to Monster Jam. She thought it would be neat to have a Monster Jam cake for him. I honestly had no idea monster truck rally things still existed haha. To my surprise they do AND a handful of people on my Facebook even went to the event in Toronto. Who knew?

Anyhow she found a picture online of what she was looking for. It seemed simple enough and I got to work. She provided me with the trucks and cars to give it the full effect. It was technically a two tiered cake, but it was to look like a spiral. Like ramps all the way to the top.

I started with two layers of 8" round vanilla cakes. I then placed one 6" cake on top, off to the side, so that it was flush with the bottom tier. I used rice krispy treats to create two ramps. One starting at the base of the cake and curving up the bottom tier. The second ramp starting on the bottom tier and working up to connect to the top tier. Making sense? Thankfully I have pictures ;)

I covered it all with chocolate buttercream. Since the top of cake was covered in buttercream to look like mud, I decided to wrap the fondant around the sides instead of covering it from the top down. So I rolled out a long piece of black fondant and started at the bottom and wrapped it around the sides. The top of the top tier was bare. I then spread chocolate buttercream on top and down the ramps. Are you following? Hopefully you can visualize this.

I used ice cream sundae toppings to sprinkle on top to give it more texture. Then I placed the cars and trucks in a similar pattern. For the final touches I made a banner and flags to show the birthday boy's name and age. On the picture she sent, the Monster Jam logo looked almost like it was printed on edible paper or something. I was unable to recreate that, I ended up just writing Monster Jam on fondant using edible food markers. It didn't look as good but it's what I could manage at the moment. Other then that I was pretty thrilled with how it turned out.

I even made a little video to show the transformation. Would you do me a favor and head on over to my new YouTube Channel and click the button Subscribe. I hope to bring How-To videos and product demos!Forgive the quality. I'm new to the whole video thing ;) Click here

Happy Viewing :)

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