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Homemade Fudge

I love simple recipes. Don't get me wrong. I love a challenge. Nothing is as satisfying as taking something difficult and out of your comfort zone and mastering it. But unfortunately most times I bake it's a last minute thing. Life is fast pace here is seems. So simple, 3 ingredient recipes are my favorite. I keep them in a book and add them to the rotation.

Recently, I joined a recipe swap group. Each month we are given a blog that we must check out and make one of their recipes. It's my first time and I am pretty excited. I was given http://www.theculinarytaste.com/. As I was scrolling through the recipes, one thing stuck out...KitKat!! I LOVE KitKat bars. His recipe for homemade kit kat fudge sounded amazing. So here we go.

You will need KitKat bars, condensed milk and milk chocolate. When I was at the store I saw something I hadn't before. Carmel flavoured condensed milk. Hello? So I wanted to try 2 different kinds of fudge using the same recipe. I grabbed what I needed for the KitKat fudge and then the caramel condensed milk and a Caramilk bar. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

The KitKat fudge worked out perfectly! It was so yummy, but I found the consistency of the Caramilk fudge was very different. It didn't set like the other one, no matter how long it sat in the fridge. It was very soft and runny. Not sure if the consistency of the caramel condensed milk was runnier or if the caramel in the chocolate bars thinned it out but that recipe needed adjusting. But the combinations are endless. Let me know what you come up with!

Chocolate Bar Fudge


  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk

  • 3/4 cup of milk chocolate

  • 3 KitKat bars


1. Line a tart tin or glass pan with parchment paper.

2. In a double broiler melt together the chocolate and condensed milk. Stir till it's smooth. Then stir in the KitKat bars.

3. Pour into prepared tin. Place into the fridge and let it set for at least 2 hours.

4. Cut into squares and serve. :)

Happy Experimenting :)

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