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Science Fiction

We are technically on vacation this week. We always save a week so we can visit family and friends over the holidays. But it doesn't always seem like a 'vacation' when your a stay at home mom. Cause you keep working, just at different house.

Thankfully we have family around to offer extra hands. My MIL asked to take all three kids over night! Hello?! Yes please! Now mommy has a little vaca!

So my husband and I got together with some of our closest friends. My friend Lizi was the one who asked me to make this "Throwback" cake.

We're going back 6 years maybe. Give or take. She is one of those friends who really listens and then challenges you and helps you to get where you want to be.

We were having breakfast one morning at Maria's diner and were discussing a variety of different topics. We got on the topic of what we enjoy doing outside of work. I was mentioning my love for baking and decorating cakes.

That week she emailed me and asked if I could make a cake for a meeting she was having for the volunteers as church. It needed to be a science themed.

I was super excited, cause it was technically my first order. I had to go back to school for this one. Science was never a strong subject for me, so I was extremely thankful for google.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to make a specific shape or just have a tiered cake with many different items on it. So I opted for the the latter. I found a cool cake online and used it as a template. Instead of making regular pearls to surround the bottom I made it look like molecules. Added a few atoms, an explosion with green slim spilling on top, and a few beakers around the bottom ( I almost sound like I know a thing or two...almost ). I loved the idea of having things pop out of the cake. Not sure what these are suppose to be but I stuck thin wire into gumballs and had them sticking out of the cake.

Overall I was really pleased and excited with this cake. I love creating things that are different.

Not sure when I will have another science themed event, maybe a Big Bang Theory party? In the meantime I will still admire this creation!

Happy Experimenting ;)

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