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Back to the Beginning

We are two sleeps away from Christmas!! So crazy. It goes by so fast, and I still feel like I'm forgetting something. Yikes!

Since we are heading into the holidays I thought I would take some time to slow down a bit and spend some much needed time with my family.

But I don't want to be gone away entirely. So I have decided to run some Throwback posts. I've since changed websites and a lot of my old content is still on my last blog. I plan on freshening up some of those posts and share them with you for a second, or for some of you the first time. I hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful holiday with your families!

It all started a few years ago ( 2008 to be exact! ) when I first moved out of my parents house. I just graduated from college and decided to move out and try life on my own. Very scary might I add. No worries though, I literally moved down the street.

Anyhow, when I finally moved in I started to realize how easy I had had it up to that point. At home I didn't have to worry about many bills, or grocery shopping. I had free satellite T.V and a fridge full of delicious food. In my cute little apartment it was scorching hot and food-less. So I now was in charge of grocery shopping and paying hydro bills. So indeed sacrifices needed to be made. No satellite T.V for me. But low and behold I was loved and somehow I received...get this FREE Cable!! Like the good cable, with all the fancy extra add on channels.

On those nights when I couldn't sleep there I was, glued in front of the television watching none other than the Food Network. May I add that if I had only one channel ever and it was the Food Network, I would be super happy.

Anyway, I discovered that at midnight every night they had this show called Food Network Challenge. The have 8 hours to create the most intense cakes possible. It was so impressive and looked fun. Before there was Cake Boss, there was a show called Ace of cakes. It became one of my favorite shows. It was these two shows that had started an itch in me. I was currently working at a dead end job and trying to find something to do on the side. Christmas was coming up so I decided to make a cake for my co-workers and this is what came out of that experiment with little to no supplies. Like literally no supplies. I had one piping tip and ziploc baggies.

My boss at the time was a very stern woman. She very rarely smiled or showed any emotion towards her employees. I was always terrified when I had to speak with her cause I never knew if I was in trouble or not. When she saw the cake she was so thrilled. She kept going on and on about it.

Now, I'm all about being confident in your work but in my eyes it wasn't anything to write home about. But she was proud for me. So I kept at it. Since I was living on my own and not making much money, my boyfriend at the time (who is now my wonderful husband) took note and purchased me a ton of new supplies to keep practicing.

I find as I look back, different circumstances have caused me to stop baking and focus on other things but I always come back.

This is the first cake that kind of started it all and I look back and am quite fond of it. I hope throughout this Throughback series that you see that it's not always easy. Sometimes a break is necessary, but if you are passionate enough about it you can pick up right where you left off.

Merry Christmas

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