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Sprinkles, Sprinkles and more SPRINKLES

I love me some Sprinkles. LOTS of sprinkles. Maybe it’s the kid in me but I get excited when I see sprinkles on donuts, cakes, cupcakes…you name it.

When I first started making cakes I would spend hours looking through magazines and online at different cake designs and ideas. Trying to decide what styles I liked and I also looked at different techniques I wanted to try. I was looking through a wedding magazine when I saw my first sprinkle cake. Let me tell you it was gorgeous! I couldn't shake the image from my mind. I just needed the perfect occasion to make it.

Fast forward a couple years as we were approaching the dedication of my first baby girl. We were living in Sudbury at the time and planned to celebrate down south with our family 8 hours away. My husband and I were also standing in a wedding the day before the dedication. It was an exhausting weekend to say the least.

I wanted to make a beautiful cake to celebrate but knew it had to be simple enough and wouldn't take too much time, mainly because I didn't have it. It always seems I'm short for time when wanting to make my kids something special. Anyway, I remembered the sprinkle cake and thought it would be perfect. I was going to make it two tiered and then have a fondant ribbon and bow on the bottom of each tier, finished with fondant purls. I was making myself anxious when trying to figure out how to get the sprinkles on the sides and how it would look. It turned out to be one of the easiest cakes I've made and it turned out just gorgeous.

always room 4 cake sprinkle cake

I covered both tiers with a layer of buttercream. I then added the fondant ribbon. To add the sprinkles, I placed the cake on a baking sheet to catch all the falling sprinkles. Let me tell you, no matter how careful you are they go EVERYWHERE! Its fun to clean! I then grabbed a hand full of sprinkles and ran it up the sides of the cake. And viola. I did it to both tiers separately and then stacked them. The finishing touch was the bows. It was perfect! Nothing makes you feel good like people fawning over your work and you know how much work you didn’t put into it. You feel like superwoman!

Fast forward 2 years to my son’s dedication and I felt a tradition coming on. This one was only going to be one tiered but I thought it would be fun and easy to continue with the same theme. I also wanted to try a different color theme. I went to my local Bulk Barn and perused the sprinkle section. It’s so pretty. I decided to mix blue, yellow and green sprinkles. I started scooping all three colors in the same bag. A man wearing an apron said, “Excuse me Ma’am but we don’t allow that here. I’m going to need you to separate them and put them back.” I just stood there starring with my mouth open. He then starts laughing and said “That was too easy. And I don’t even work here. Carry on!” lol He was just one of the delivery guys. I quickly filled my bags and ran. Haha

These types of cakes are perfect to make with little ones, as long as you can look past the mess of course. But once the sides are done you can have them scoop handfuls of sprinkles on top and smooth them out. My daughter Annie has Autism and loves sensory activities. So, taking scoops of sprinkles in her hands was the funniest job. The cake looked perfect. It was a 10” cake. Larger then the other cakes but only one tiered. Unfortunately, I never took a good picture of it.

Fast forward yet again to the youngest baby’s dedication. Since it was combined with my son’s birthday and that had its own large cake, another cake wasn’t totally necessary but I didn’t want her to be left out. And now it has become a little tradition. So, I decided to make just a small 6” sprinkle cake just for her. Even though she wouldn’t have a lick of it.

always room 4 cake sprinkle cake

I wanted to fancy it up a bit but was running out of time…yet again! I had made some root beer flavored macrons and had left over fondant. I have seen some really cute sprinkle cakes with fancy designs and macrons on top. I tried to create a similar idea and it kind of flopped. The macrons were perfect but more off white and it stood out against the stark white fondant. Then the other ‘fancy’ decoration I was going to put on top didn’t really emerge. I was so exhausted and couldn’t think of what to do or how to make it work. I ended up throwing some curled fondant pieces on top. It looks incomplete but still pretty. She was now part of the tradition.

always room 4 cake sprinkle cake

always room 4 cake sprinkle cake

always room 4 cake sprinkle cake

Next time you’re looking to create a simple and show stopping cake for an event. Try a sprinkle cake. The possibilities are endless. You can go as simple or a wacky as you want. You can even throw your favorite candies on top to make a candy sprinkle cake!

always room 4 cake sprinkle cake
always room 4 cake sprinkle cake

Happy Creating! :)

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