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Unnecessary Pressure Pt 1

I discovered something the other day. Ready for it? It's quite surprising...

I am not superwoman and I cannot do it all. And shockingly enough I am flawed! I sometimes get so caught up in perfection. Though I wouldn't call myself a perfectionist cause I am learning to let things go if they are indeed not perfect, which they aren't most of the time. But I do become stressed when things aren't the way I feel they should be. I love to be in control. This past weekend I found myself overwhelmed and putting extra unnecessary pressure on myself. See the thing is as much as I'd like to think I was a professional baker, in reality I am not. I am a stay at home mom to 3 crazy but amazing children. One of which is on the autism spectrum. Life is crazy most of the time. But I LOVE it!. I also love to bake and if I'm being honest I am really good at it. I have no training, just a passion for it and a really big sweet tooth!

See, I started this blog many years ago as an outlet. I loved to tell the stories behind my cakes and didn't want to clog my Facebook news feed. But now as I get back into the blog world, it has grown to something far bigger then I can wrap my head around. The need to catch up, or be on par with these other blogs overwhelms me. But I am coming to realize that they all started at humble beginnings, and grew to what they are now.

I may not have a huge, bright white kitchen, or have much natural light pouring in to capture amazing pictures of my works. My work isn't perfect, my pictures aren't breathtaking, and I may not have thousands of followers on Instagram or Facebook yet, but for now that's ok. I will continue to push myself and grow in the meantime and set high hopes but for now there is no need to pretend to be something I'm not. Why?? Because it causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. It ends up overshadowing the real reason I am doing this. For the people I love. The blog is to showcase the creations I have made to help make important occasions even more special! I would never want it to take over and be the reason why I do things. I've come to find in those celebratory moments, no one cares about the imperfections or the lighting. They are just thrilled for a creation made just for them! Lots of time and love goes into these things and as long as they are happy so am I. I hope you understand and continue to follow me on this journey!

Back to this weekend. Since we live 3 hours away from family I try to combine events if possible, that way it's easier for everyone to be involved. My son turned 3 on October 20th. We also wanted to dedicate our baby girl in our church. So we decided to combine the events, two birds with one stone type of thing. So we planned it for October 16th. We don't have much space here in our quaint townhouse so we decided to hold the gathering at our church's hall and celebrate after the morning service.

Since I love to bake, the first thing I though of was what kind of cake should I make! I have never made my son a birthday cake. In some ways I feel like I've shorted him a bit. His first two birthdays were celebrated in Essex with our families and since I was away from home I didn't have the time or supplies to create a cake. Cupcakes were made instead. Nothing wrong with cupcakes but I always want someone to feel extra special on their birthday with a cake made specially for them.

Knowing we would be celebrating in town I planned on making him something fun. It's quite difficult though to get an answer from a soon to be 3 year old on what type of party he wants. His taste change daily. Would it be Thomas or Paw Patrol? I finally decided to make the decision for him. It would be Toy Story! Both my children LOVE Toy Story. Plus we have a ton of toy story toys that I could use as decorations, thus saving money and time! The rest I got online at my favorite online party store in Canada, Open A Party. The have a large selection, the supplies are pretty inexpensive and and the shipping costs are low and arrive within two days! All I needed to decorate this party cost me under $75! Can't go wrong with that.

We also can't forget the little Princess who is also celebrating a special day. So the party decorations need to be kind of two faced. Toy story and something girly :) I was thinking pink and sprinkles!

So much more to talk about! Come back tomorrow for the rest of the details and more pictures!

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